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 Post subject: Version 1.04: Geneshift Miami!
PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug 2017, 05:42 
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This version is inspired by the extremely challenging and awesome shooter, Hotline Miami. I've completely reworked the campaign by adding a new checkpoint system and increasing enemy damage by over 500%!


5x More Guard Damage
Guards in the campaign now deal 5x as much damage as they did last version. They've gone from 20% damage up to the full 100% damage that players do in multiplayer. This obviously makes the campaign a lot more difficult, but it plays much better because of it. You really need to play tactically to survive now, as every mistake will be punished.

The old damage values were designed to make Geneshift a more casual, relaxed experience. It was noob friendly, but in hindsight that wasn't the way to go. Multiplayer is brutal and kills you endlessly, and the singleplayer should do the same. So taking inspiration from Hotline Miami's instant 1-shot kill approach, Geneshift just got a whole lot tougher. You'll die a lot more often now, but this just makes each new checkpoint all the more satisfying to reach.


New Checkpoint System
There's also a new checkpoint system that fundamentally changes how the game is played - dying now makes you lose progress and go back to the previous checkpoint. On the ground there are little yellow checkpoint symbols that save the game state when you walk into them. If you then die, you will go back to the yellow checkpoint and lose ALL your progress since then. This change was also inspired by the checkpoint resets in Hotline Miami.

This is a really huge change. Previously, when you died you would simply respawn a bit back and not lose any progress at all. Any guards you killed would stay dead, and you could simply run forward again and pick up where you left off. While this was nice and friendly to a casual player, it really took a lot of the challenge out of the game and made death feel a bit meaningless.

This new system penalizes death a whole lot more, and combined with the 500% damage increase is really brutal. Dying will lose all your progress since the last checkpoint, so if you're pinned down with only 20hp remaining, you're really going to try as hard as you can to survive.

The new checkpoint system also affects how co-op is played, as dying in co-op now puts you into spectator mode. You'll respawn only when you friend dies or reaches the next checkpoint. This change is needed to preserve the all or nothing challenge the new checkpoint system provides, rather than letting co-op players just constantly respawn and push forward without any real fear of death.


Chinese Translation Incoming
I've also been working with a friend to add a Simplifed Chinese translation to the game. Many years ago during the beta Geneshift had a strong Chinese community, and I'm excited to finally give Chinese gamers a proper translation. The translation isn't ready yet, but I hope to release it in a few versions time. When this happens we'll see plenty of activity in the multiplayer servers, so let's make sure to welcome the new Chinese community. The more players the better!

Exploding Heads and Bubbly Text Bubbles
There are a few more fun things in this version, such as enemy heads will now fly off when you kill them, creating some funny death physics. Also text bubbles have a bit more personality when they pop up, wobbling like they were in a game of Candy Crush or something.

Anyway I'm very excited to see your thoughts on the new Hotline Miami inspired gameplay. Enjoy!

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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