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 Post subject: Massively expanded the in-game tutorial guide
PostPosted: Wed 08 Apr 2015, 00:15 
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I felt like taking a quick break from graphics programming to address another common issue, which is that some players have no idea what they're doing. I can't blame them though as there wasn't any readily available resource to explain things to them. But no more!! I have massively expanded the in-game guide and made it extremely obvious to players how to access it.
l2p.jpg [ 338.6 KiB | Viewed 2745 times ]

This new guide now covers everything new players need to know about the game from chemical placement to creating skill builds. I have made it extremely easy and obvious how to access this guide as well. The little X up the top right doesn't close down the page, but rather opens a new page saying "Press F12 to toggle this guide on and off". Players will then actually need to press F12 to toggle it off, proving that they've read the text (a button comes up after 10s if they haven't done so though cause they have no F-keys or something). When they next join the game the tutorial will show for them again as well.

Basically if nothing else players should now at least know that a guide exists that will explain things for them. Do I expect players to read this guide? Not at all. Not right away at least. But I do expect them now know that it exists and how to access it. With the single press of a button (F12) players can open this guide and have information about every aspect in the game, all rewritten to reflect the recent changes in the game such as chemicals and the cash system.

I have also removed all the old how to play text as well as the tip strings that displayed down the bottom of the screen and replaced it with the new text. No false information now and it's all very valuable and easily accessed. For those who are interested here is the full list of information. Try to imagine that you're a brand new player to the game. Let me know if there's anything that I've missed that new players need to know. Again I don't expect everyone to read this, but it's there now and anyone who likes the game enough to keep playing in the future is likely to give it a glance at some point anyway.

Here's all the new translations. Excuse that it's in code form, you can get the gist of it :D

//A Mutant is Born..
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGAMEOVERVIEWTEXT01", "And that mutant is you! Will you join the Scientists (yellow), the Rebels (purple), or go solo as a Mercenary (red)? Whatever faction you choose, sharpen you skills, because it's time to kill."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGAMEOVERVIEWTEXT02", "Fortunately, whenever you kill an enemy you'll earn cash and experience. You use this cash to purchase weapons, chemicals and vehicles; and you use your experience to unlock new skills."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGAMEOVERVIEWTEXT03", "This guide explains all the ways to use your cash and experience and covers advanced strategies such as chemical placement and skill builds, but for now here are some really basic survival tips:"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGAMEOVERVIEWTEXT04", "Firstly, buy a gun when you spawn (B) but start saving your extra cash for chemicals. Next, use your barrier (CTRL) in combat for extra protection. Finally, unlock some healing skills (N) and cast them with the number keys. Feel free to experiment as you can always change your skill build later."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//i just want to stop dying!!
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCOMBATTIPSTEXT01", "Use your barrier! You only have 100hp, but you also have 100 mana and using your barrier will absorb incoming damage into your mana pool instead. Barrier alone can double your survivability!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCOMBATTIPSTEXT02", "Unlock some healing skills. Vampirism, Regeneration and Self Repair are all very important for regaining health. Defensive skills like Force Fields, Invisibility and Bullet Time help you survive too."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCOMBATTIPSTEXT03", "Stand next to your allies to receive free health and mana regeneration. The factions are yellow vs purple. This doesn't apply if you're a Mercenary however (red) because they have no allies."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCOMBATTIPSTEXT04", "Relax. Whenever you spawn you'll be invulnerable and cannot be hurt. This is shown by the grey octagon surrounding you. This will only disable after you start moving so take your time to prepare."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//other handy tips
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCOMBATTIPSTEXT05", "Save cash by picking up weapons dropped on the ground (press E). Superweapons are the most expensive and powerful guns and display with a white glow around them, so if you see one grab it!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCOMBATTIPSTEXT06", "Every skill has both a benefit and a penalty. This keeps combat balanced. Skills are very powerful if you use them right but if you cast them at the wrong time the penalty might get you killed."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCOMBATTIPSTEXT07", "Buy a Base Chemicals as soon as possible (place it with C). From this you can buy other chemicals. Chemicals are permanent and invisible to other players, and give you many tactical advantages."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCOMBATTIPSTEXT08", "Vehicles give you speed and protection and you can even take passengers along for a ride! Press 'E' to enter vehicles and the number keys to change seats, allowing you to fire out different windows."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//know thou weaponry
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGUNSANDCARSTEXT01", "Weapons in the buy menu are arranged by their cost and their class. In general the more expensive weapons are more powerful. You can also rebuy ammo for a weapon from the buy menu."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGUNSANDCARSTEXT02", "In general shotguns are best at close range, SMGs at mid range and rifles at long range. Sniper rifles are best at extremely long range and machine guns deal extra damage against vehicles."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGUNSANDCARSTEXT03", "Bullet damage depends on how far the bullet travels before impact. Shotguns and SMGs do much less damage at range, while sniper bullets actually GAIN damage as they travel. Yeah physics!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGUNSANDCARSTEXT04", "Weapons lose accuracy when you hold the trigger and when you are moving. You are much better off firing in short, controlled bursts. You can use your barrier when you shoot for even better accuracy."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGUNSANDCARSTEXT05", "You can see all the specific weapon information in the menu (Player > Info > Weapons). This shows all the different statistics on weapons such as the rate of fire, bullet speed and movement recoil."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//need a ride?
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGUNSANDCARSTEXT06", "Vehicle have varying health, speed, seats and more. Some have special properties too: Radar Truck reveals enemies through walls, Torpedos can self destruct and the Hornet fires homing missiles."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGUNSANDCARSTEXT07", "Vehicles will catch on fire before they explode. When this happens you should exit immediately or you'll start burning. Fire weapons will set vehicles on fire prematurely, making them great disablers."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALGUNSANDCARSTEXT08", "Vehicles will regenerate health once they've been out of combat for a short time. The regen rate will scale with the number of passengers, so get a crew together and you'll be unstoppable!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//chemicals, how do they work??
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALSTEXT01", "Chemicals are valuable because they are permanent. Think of them as buildings in an RTS game. They cost a lot but by the end of the round you can have built a huge chemical empire!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALSTEXT02", "The first chemical you must buy is called Base Chemicals. You buy this in your spawn, carry it somewhere, then place it in the map (press C). From here you can buy all the other chemicals."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALSTEXT03", "Stand inside your Base Chemicals, press 'B' to open the buy menu and read the descriptions of the other chemicals to see what they do. They let you teleport, reveal enemies, sell weapons and more!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALSTEXT04", "A very important property of chemicals is that other players cannot see them. They can stand inside them and not know it! However if your enemies are smart they might deduce where they are located."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALSTEXT05", "If you deduce the location of an enemy chemical you can destroy it by placing a special chemical called a Neutralizer inside it. You will also be receive 50% of the destroyed chemical's cost in cash!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//building your chemical empire
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALSTEXT06", "At the start of the round try save the $10,000 to buy your Base Chemicals as soon as possible. Then place some Alchemic Acid. This lets you sell weapons for extra cash and boom your economy."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALSTEXT07", "Buying a chemical makes you vulnerable because if you die before you place it you'll lose it. Vehicles are useful as they conceal the green smoke of the chemical and provide extra protection."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALSTEXT08", "Don't let enemies see where you place your chemicals or they'll know where they are and destroy them. Likewise, spy on your enemies to see where they go and where their chemicals might be."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//creating the perfect skill build
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSKILLSTEXT01", "Skills are powerful abilities and are unlocked with skill points. You get skill points by killing enemies and earning experience. Whenever you get a skill point you can press 'N' (or hold ALT) to invest it."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSKILLSTEXT02", "Investing skill points depends on the server. In Quickmatch servers you use a temporary mutant and your skills reset each round. In Permanent servers your skills are saved to your account, but feel free to experiment because they can always be changed with Community Credits."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSKILLSTEXT03", "Skills are split into 3 skill trees. Investing points within the same tree gives you access to higher level skills. You also earn 1 synergy point for every 10 skill points invested within a skill tree."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSKILLSTEXT04", "Synergy points are special as they allow you to take a skill beyond level 10. You can invest up to 5 synergy points for a total level of 15. This allows you to really specialize in certain skills."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSKILLSTEXT05", "Skills are balanced by having both a benefit and a penalty, making you stronger and weaker at the same time. Likewise, investing 1 point into a skill is just as strong as investing 15 points; the extra points will tweak how the skill works but the benefit and the penalty will remain balanced."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//using skills.. skillfully
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSKILLSTEXT06", "Some skill are passive while others use mana and must be cast with the number keys. You can hold ALT to rearrange the skills down the bottom left of the HUD, changing which keys cast which skills."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSKILLSTEXT07", "Many skills will apply status effects to you and your enemies. Status effects are shown down the bottom left of the HUD. The mana cost of your active skill (cycled with Z) is shown here as well."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSKILLSTEXT08", "Only cast your skills when it's benefical to do so! For example casting Self Repair in combat will heal you a bit, but the slowing penalty will make you an easier target and might get you killed."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//master the kill reward
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEARNINGCASHTEXT01", "In many game modes you should focus your time on earning extra cash rather than hunting for kills. This lets you buy more chemicals and ultimately helps you to complete the game objectives."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEARNINGCASHTEXT02", "The Kill Reward displays under the minimap and is the main mechanic which earns you cash. It increases over time and whenever you kill an enemy you'll receive whatever cash has accrued."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEARNINGCASHTEXT03", "After you kill the Kill Reward resets back to $0 and starts increasing again. It also resets back to $0 if you die, wasting the potential reward that had accrued. So don't die if you want to save cash!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//earn a little extra on the side
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEARNINGCASHTEXT04", "Missions are an extra way to earn cash. They are displayed under the minimap and you can view them by pressing 'M'. They vary in difficulty but completing them can earn you big bucks."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEARNINGCASHTEXT05", "Gangsters are AI controlled bots that belong to the Scientist (yellow) and Rebel (purple) factions. They can be killed for extra cash. You can also make them follow you by pressing 'E' on them."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEARNINGCASHTEXT06", "Alchemic Acid gives you cash whenever weapons expire within it. You can drop weapons inside it manually, but even better is to place your acid in a combat area where weapons drop naturally."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEARNINGCASHTEXT07", "The Neutralizer chemical awards you with cash whenever you destroy enemy chemicals. You can make a lot of extra cash by actively searching for enemy chemicals and destroying them."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEARNINGCASHTEXT08", "Everyone in the server will passively earn cash at a fixed server rate. You can view server information at the top of the Scoreboard (hold TAB) or on the Game Info page (press ESC)."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//chemical warfare
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALWARFARETEXT01", "Chemical Warfare is won by capturing all of the Compounds in the map (Compounds are shown with biohazard symbols). In some servers you play solo and in other servers you play as a team."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALWARFARETEXT02", "To capture Compounds you must first buy a Base Chemicals and then from that buy a chemical called a Compounder. You then place the Compounder inside a Compound on the map to capture it."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALWARFARETEXT03", "Scoring points are given purely for Compound capturing - not kills. In the team variation you will also receive points whenever your allies capture Compounds, encouraging teamwork."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHEMICALWARFARETEXT04", "Tip: Earn as much cash as possible as Compounders are very expensive. Make sure you don't die while capturing Compounds, and try defend Compounds that your enemies are yet to capture."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALOUTBREAKTEXT01", "Outbreak is won by detonating all of the Bombs on the map. Bombs are detonated by collecting zombie souls and taking them to the Bomb. Once enough souls are collected the Bomb will explode."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALOUTBREAKTEXT02", "To collect zombie souls you simply have to kill zombies and then walk over the white souls that they drop on the ground. You will receive experience for every soul that you take to the Bomb."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALOUTBREAKTEXT03", "Scoring points are given for every zombie you kill, as long as the soul is deposited at the bomb. If one of your allies deposits the soul you will still receive your point for the kill."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALOUTBREAKTEXT04", "Tip: Earn experience quickly by depositing souls - skills are extremely powerful against zombies. Also huddle together in a corner to survive the zombie swarm whenever you trigger a new Bomb."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHECKPOINTTEXT01", "Checkpoint is won by completing laps with the Battery. Drive over the Battery with your vehicle to pick it up, and then follow the white arrow on your screen to complete laps."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHECKPOINTTEXT02", "Scoring points are given whenever you complete a lap. You'll receive some points if your allies complete a lap as well, encouraging teamwork. You also receive points for kills."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALCHECKPOINTTEXT03", "Tip: Only one person can drive the Battery, so the rest of your team should focus on stopping the enemy. Try setting up roadblocks at chokepoints to stop enemy vehicles from completing laps."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEXTRACTIONTEXT01", "Extraction is won by capturing objectives (Flags, Radios and Trucks) and taking them to their drop off locations. Follow the white arrow on your screen to know where to go."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALEXTRACTIONTEXT02", "Scoring points are given whenever you extract an objective. You'll receive points when your allies extract objectives as well, encouraging teamwork. You also receive points for kills."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALBATTLETEXT01", "Battle is won by being the first player to reach a certain number of kills or cash, depending on the server settings. You receive points for every kill or every $1000 cash you earn, respectively."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALBATTLETEXT02", "Every game mode has a few options that provide interesting variations to gameplay. To know the exact rules of the server you're playing on open the menu (ESC) and look at the Game Info page."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//ranked servers
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSYSTEMSTEXT01", "Ranked servers allow you to play competitively against other players and receive a rank based on how well you perform. You must complete 5 ranked matches before you receive your rank."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSYSTEMSTEXT02", "Ranked servers have a few special rules to keep things fair. Players cannot join or leave a match once it begins, and if you leave halfway through your rank will suffer. Don't abandon your team!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSYSTEMSTEXT03", "Your rank is updated at the end of the match. It uses the ELO rating system to compare your score against the scores of each of your enemies. You are not at all compared against your allies."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//community credits
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSYSTEMSTEXT04", "Community Credits are used to unlock sexy cosmetics like Capes and Lightsabers. They also let you reallocate skill points on your permanent account. Each CC lets you reallocate 1 skill point."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSYSTEMSTEXT05", "You start with plenty of CCs and can earn more by helping out the MF community. Hosting servers, making maps, referring friends, etc. Check the menu for more info (Player > Unlocks > Community)."); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSYSTEMSTEXT06", "One of the main ways players earn CCs is by making maps. Why not try the in-game map editor and make a map of your own? Post it up on the forums and you'll get plenty of love and feedback!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

//join the forums
tt.Set("XL_TUTORIALSYSTEMSTEXT07", "Check out the forums at Simply log in with the same account details as the game. There are plenty of guides to read and it's a great way to make friends and submit feedback!"); defaultTranslations.push_back(tt);

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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