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 Post subject: Introducing Chemical Warfare!! Version 0.96 is here!
PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan 2015, 12:46 
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This version introduces a brand new game mode - Chemical Warfare! In Chemical Warfare you must capture "Compounds" which are randomly scattered around the map, and the first player (or team) to capture them all wins. To capture a Compound you need to buy these awesome new things called Chemicals. Chemicals add a whole new dynamic to the game and are available in all 5 game modes.

There are 10 chemicals available from the buy menu and they range in cost from $1000 to $10,000. Chemicals now allow you to "build a base" in the map. When you buy a chemical you can place it on the ground (by pressing C) and it will stay there for the rest of the round. Different chemicals do different things and can be used to help you in combat by slowly gaining control and influence over the map. For example if you place a Sonar Cells chemical on the ground then any enemies who walk within it will be revealed to you, like a Radar Truck. The Warp Field chemical lets your teleport to other Warp Fields that you own, and Alchemic Acid will award you with extra cash whenever any weapons expire within it. As time goes on you will buy more of these chemicals and place them in the map, slowly build your empire and gaining more and more control. I'm very excited to see how this new dynamic works as it will completely change the overall strategy and how players choose to spend their cash. There are a few key things you need to know about how chemicals work:

1) The most important chemical is called Base Chemicals and it is your "base". You need this to buy all the other chemicals so you must get this first before you can start expanding your empire.
2) Chemicals are INVISIBLE to other players. This means you can place them in key areas of the map and have your enemies not know about it. They might be standing in one of your Sonar Cells and not even realize.
3) Chemicals can be DESTROYED with a chemical called the Neutralizer. This means that even though enemies cannot see your chemicals, if they can guess where they are (by seeing where you place it for example) then they can go destroy them anyway. So whenever you place chemicals do it sneakily!
4) You can only carry one chemical at a time and if you die while carrying a chemical you will lose it. Some of them are expensive too so be careful!

Anyway all of the chemicals are available from the buy menu and have descriptions showing what they do. Go check them out and experiment! There will no doubt be a few balance issues that come from such a fundamental gameplay change but that's fine. Enjoy the crazyness! With your help we can polish and refine them quick smart and start exploring this whole new layer of strategy added to the game! I'm very excited to try this new mode with you, so what are you waiting for?? Hop online and play!

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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