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 Post subject: Chemical Warfare: HUD, networking and compounds
PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan 2015, 15:21 
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More amazing progress today. I always code with superhuman speed when listening to Hans. Gets me in the zone!!

Today was all about the HUD and networking. I had to play sound effects for capturing a compound, display the relevant information under the minimap for both individual and team victory modes, update the score in the scorechart, etc.. I also had to network all this across so it now shows up in the client as well. The HUD is now fully done. Woo!! Minimap, game objectives info, scorechart, everything!! The symbol for Chemical Warfare is of course the biohazard symbol, the same symbol used in the main logo. Appropriate as this will be the only game mode anyone ever plays :D

I also made great progess on the compounds today. I got them displaying in the map on both the server and the client. I'm just using a placeholder graphic at the moment but the networking is all done and you can interact with them. They change colour depending on who owns them. Here is how the colour schemes of compounds will work:

Compounds show in the minimap as a white biohazard icon (once discovered). They will always show as white unless they belong to you or your team. They won't change colour if someone else owns them. If it's team victory mode your teams compounds will show as yellow/purple, and if it's solo mode your compounds will show as red. This helps distinguish at a glance which type of game mode you're playing and lets you know what you've got and what you need to get next without any extra information.

In the map:
A bit more information about ownership is shown in the map. In Team Victory mode the compounds will show bright lights of yellow and purple if both teams own it. So you'll be able to tell which compounds the enemy owns by looking at them. In solo mode you'll see red lights if you own it, and black lights if someone else does. You'll be able to tell that someone else owns it, but not know who. This is for 2 reasons:
1) It's important to know if someone else owns a compound or not, because if they do then they'll have vision of you when you're capturing it. Be more careful!
2) It's important that you don't know who specifically owns it because it forces you to pay attention and try deduce/remember what compounds people still have remaining. If I have got 9 out of 10 compounds captured you need to quickly try and figure out what my last compound is so you can defend it and prevent me from winning the game.

Anyway graphically I'm thinking of making the compounds look a little bit like the bombs in Outbreak, but more "chemically". Maybe some bunsen burners or something. I might also have some sexy smoke particles coming out of it so it looks like a little chemistry lab :D

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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