Earn Community Credits Today!

Community credits are awarded to players who help Geneshift grow. They benefit you in two main ways: Skill Reallocation and Player Cosmetics. Community credits are optional - they don't directly affect gameplay or give anyone an unfair advantage, but rather give you an identity within the community and enhance your playing experience. You earn community credits by helping out the community: making maps, hosting servers, telling friends or simply playing the game! The more you support Geneshift the better it becomes, so read on to see the benefits of Supporting Geneshift!

Skill Reallocation

Community credits give you the ability to reallocate your skills. Normally as you mutate and develop your character you will invest skill points. Investing skill points makes you strong and powerful, but the choice is permanent. Once a skill point is invested it can't be changed - unless you have community credits.

reallocating skills

By earning and spending community credits you can change your skill build. Each community credit that you spend allows you to deallocate 1 skill point from an existing skill. By deallocating this existing skill point you are free to reinvest it elsewhere. Suppose for example that you have level 3 Invisibility. By spending a community credit on it you will deallocate a point and drop it down to level 2. You will then have 1 extra unspent skill point to invest elsewhere! Note that synergy points do not require community credits to deallocate. They are special in that they can be deallocated for free whenever you want, allowing you to make minor changes to your skill build by shifting synergy points from skill to skill.

To reallocate skills simply go to the PLAYER > SKILLS menu, check the Reallocate button up the top right, and then select the skill you wish deallocate points from. Provided that the skill is not already empty and no other skills are dependent on it, you can then choose to remove either a skill or a synergy point by simply clicking UNLEVEL SKILL/SYNERGY. Confirm your choice and the point is removed!

As long as you have enough community credits you can deallocate and reallocate as many skill points as you want, and synergy points can always be changed for free. Don't worry about using up all of your community credits either. You will always earn more simply from playing the game, and you can earn them even faster by actively helping out the community.

Supporting Geneshift

There are 5 main ways to support Geneshift and earn community credits. You can support in as many ways as you like. Depending on your situation you might be better at supporting in some ways rather than others. All 5 ways are added together to calculate your total community credits, which you can then use to unlock all the cool stuff shown above. As you'll see below it's actually very easy to support Geneshift. The 5 ways to support Geneshift are:

calculating community credits

The image to the right shows an example community credits tally. By adding together all the factors a total of 281 community credits has been earned. Exactly how each of these factors are calculated is described below. Of these 281 community credits, 150 have been spent on unlocks and 0 on skill reallocation, leaving 81 CCs remaining. A bonus 50 exist as well, but they can only be spent on skill reallocation. These reserved CCs come from bonuses, which is explained in the bonuses section below.

Play the game

You receive 1 community credit for every hour that you play. As you can see in the image above, +11 community credits are awarded simply by playing the game! And this number will only continue to go up as you keep on playing. Easy!

Host servers

You receive 1 community credit for every hour that someone else plays on your server. A multiplayer game needs servers. Hosting servers is very easy and can pull in hundreds of community credits a day, especially if your server is trusted, fast, stable and in a good location. For example, if you host a server 24/7 and have an average of 10 active players, then after just 1 day you'll have earned 240 community credits! You'll be earning them all day, every day, even when you sleep!

As Geneshift is such as small game hosting a server uses up very little bandwidth. It also takes only a few minutes to setup - all you have to do is forward your ports and start up a game. The default port is 11235. If you have any questions or problems setting up a server make sure you ask in the forums. Once you've forwarded your ports hosting the server is easy. You can even use Geneshift Autostart from the Start Menu to launch a server in a single click! Just make sure that you've selected Remember Password when you login and save some fun settings (by clicking the SAVE SETTINGS button in the START GAME tab). After setting up your server you can verify that it's working by looking for it in the servers list.

Create maps

You receive 1 community credit for every hour that someone else plays in your maps. You can make as many maps as you like and the better they are the more players you'll get! Use the inbuilt map editor to create maps and then share them around. Post them in the map making forum, get them hosted on a popular server or even host them yourself. If they're really good I'll even include them in the official version! Making maps is a slower process than simply hosting a server, but once they're out there they'll work for you forever. A good map can be hosted simultaneously across multiple servers earning you countless community credits.

Recruit players

You receive 1 community credit for every hour that any of your recruits play Geneshift. This is the most important way to support Geneshift and it's really easy too. All you have to do is spread the word about this super awesome game! Tell your friends, post on forums, write it on your blog, whatever you want - the more recruits you get the more community credits you'll earn. Once you get a recruit, they are yours forever and whenever they play you will benefit. There is no limit to the number of recruits you can have and if you know how to sell the game the right way you could have hundreds of recruits earning you thousands of community credits in no time!

Entering reference

So how do you actually get recruits? It's easy. All they have to do is enter your username in the reference box when they register or login. Once they enter your username they will be your recruit forever! They will receive an immediate reference bonus of 25 community credits by entering your name, so there's plenty of incentive. All you need to do is help them remember your name!

It's easy for your friends to remember your username, but how about everyone else on the net? You could ask politely, but there's a better way. All you need to do is replace your username with the red bit and use this url whenever you spread the word:


So I for example would use https://geneshift.net/steamredirect.php?r=bencelot. Or something that looks a bit sexier like Play Geneshift Now! Now here is where it gets cool. As soon as they click that link, their IP and your username will be permanently associated with eachother. Then when they go and download Geneshift, as soon as they open it up the game will scan for their IP and find their corresponding username - your username. It will then automatically enter it into the reference box for you! They don't have to remember a thing. All you have to do is use this link and tell as many potential players as you can about Geneshift and watch the community credits come rolling in.

Collect bonuses

You receive an instant one-time bonus of 25 community credits when you submit your reference. This is the incentive to make recruiting players above work. It's the easiest and quickest possible way to start earning community credits, so do the right thing and enter your reference. Remember, they went out of their way to tell you about this great game, so give them your thanks! You will also receive community credits once you make a post in the forums, and community credits simply for registering. These bonus points are the quickest and easiest way to earn CCs, so make sure you do them! The only catch is that they can only be used on skill reallocation, not on unlocking cosmetics. This keeps the cosmetics valuable for players who have earned them while giving new players plenty of free CCs to experiment with as they learn all the skills.

The community credits system is the backbone of the Geneshift community. It keeps the game fun, functional and active. If you like this game and want to show your support then please do. Choose whichever way suits you best and start earning community credits today! Your efforts will be recognised and greatly appreciated by myself and the Geneshift community.



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