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 Post subject: v0.997 Balance & Suggestions
PostPosted: Sat 18 Mar 2017, 06:51 
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  1. Add Drawtime when switching seats in cars: to prevent 1-man car abuse. //fixed!
  2. Weird Bugs when aiming at self while inside cars(especially Bazooka & Loafer - one whole tonne of bugs in that one; Loafer disappears instantly with no explosion/wreck OR get pushed backwards, Bazooka is empty and can be picked up, or if you aim too close to self with Buggy the Bazooka appears to disappear from inventory in client but still present according to server.)
  3. You can get people stuck in Camper/tall cars by pushing against wall. However, person can escape if they have some HP by simply destroying the Camper; they'd only suffer about 40dmg from the resulting explosion. Not a bug, just a note. //feature, also its self-damage reduction.
  4. Barrier accuracy during Self Repair - better synergy with AK/MGs. //added!
  5. Outbreak bomb timer bug - stuck at 10s when not triggered by all players.
  6. Raise boxes/ramp that look like cover to actually be able to act as cover (see: Inferno) //fixed for Inferno
  7. Regain a TONNE of mana by killing gangsters - was using Vamp2,SC1,Plasma1. DamageMultiplier bug?
  8. Phasic/ClipMagnet Reload Penalty Bug: the drawtime is added in the reload and this particular value is affected by the penalty.
  9. Phasic/Nailgun wall bug - hugging a wall makes the bullet only hit once instead of twice.
  10. Blonde -> Physical helmet by leveling skills with ALT. Let go of ALT to change head. Now ALT and kill self - head that flies off is still blonde. (Found out that this ALWAYS happens if you change head before a death)
  11. Changing a key to the numpad button version of / * - + binds correctly, but shows up as empty.
  12. Hold down shoot with M249 SAW. When the gun autoreloads on reaching 0 ammo, I magically have a few extra ammo in reserve.
  13. Gun will re-reload if you get more ammo near end of reload.
  14. Souls required does not show up in top left HUD in PvP Outbreak.
  15. Rebel car colour is wrong.
  16. Vertical Vision - When jumping up, can't see a flatbed on 6.25m floor beyond a 8.75m tall wall. However, when falling from the max height of jump, you can briefly see a glimpse the chassis.

  1. Blade Fury buff - set the penalty to be a constant 120% recoil for all levels. //130% recoil for all levels.
  2. Setting HUD alpha transparency to less than 1 removes FPS counter. I know this is intentional but this is a useful number to have.
  3. Why are the CTF flags the opposite colour? In most games, Yellow has a yellow flag in their base that Purple must capture, not capturing a purple flag in the yellow base.
  4. Olaroll said winged zombies can jump over an exploding zombie to make it auto-detonate to kill off a bunch of other zombies.
  5. Vampirism knife does not work on Gangsters(no HP/MP), yet it works with guns, while Static Charges can gain a small amount of MP regardless and Regeneration works at full power with only 1/2 range. Inconsistency?
  6. Guards spamming shockwave in Turbine campaign - Qwerty.
  7. chross - "Ok, so resident rooftops, the guys sitting at the table at the bottom side won't care if I carefully eliminate one of them. This behaviour is a bit odd. Also, when the game begins and I directly move southward into the main area, I may have a hard time finding those missing two guards from the beginning. Also, I am able to explore the whole area without any enemies or triggers."
  8. I need a road map tile texture where the white lines intersect at the edges for this to work. It would also be really neat if you can make a series of textures that can be used to make a road appear round at the corners.
  9. Machine Gun models are generally a bit low, but the Minigun is way too low I suppose. This is a 1.50m wall.

New Suggestions:
  1. Allow players to hold down "Shoot" during the unable to shoot penalty for Frenzy & Spike Trap.
  2. Add a dedicated "toggle Barrier" key, not an option that makes Barrier always toggle/non-toggle.
  3. Render the user of "Smoke Bomb" invisible to victims caught in the smoke, or at least remove the Blackhole glowing/swirl effect when in the effects of smoke.
  4. Add a black border to chat text messages; can't read them in bright light.
  5. Show your selected mutant/profile's full skill tree in the login page, with a customizable description.
  6. Radar Trucks should detect unoccupied cars.

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 Post subject: Re: v0.997 Balance & Suggestions
PostPosted: Sun 19 Mar 2017, 01:07 
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Cheers man :)

I've been thinking more about what Nightfall was saying about vehicles, and am thinking of reducing the M249, M60, Ruger and Barrett vehicle damage mults down to x1.5 instead of x2. Just because x1.5 is still super useful and significant, while x2 is SO good it almost forces you to play with machine guns on a vehicle heavy map, and of course by extension a build that supports them. When you consider people would pay $10,000 just for a 10% damage increase from Toxic Bullets, I think a x1.5 damage boost is still super useful.

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