Stealth speeds by Outbreak in Speedruns!
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Author:  bencelot [ Sun 10 Jan 2016, 18:08 ]
Post subject:  Stealth speeds by Outbreak in Speedruns!

I'm happy to say that the number of Stealth speedruns has overtaken the number of Outbreak speedruns in under 2 weeks! Across all 4 difficulty levels and all 4 player levels Outbreak has a total of 204 speedruns and Stealth now has 206 and gaining fast. This seems good to me considering that Stealth has been out for less than 2 weeks, and even better considering there are currently only 3 maps available. Good news for the future of this game mode. Most of these speedruns for both game modes come from players casually playing the game at their own pace, but it's fun to watch a few players specifically attempt to outdo each other and discuss tactics to shave off those extra seconds. Keep it up!

Also good to see some of the creative maps coming from the community in the map editor. It's still early days but I've already had great fun playing STM1993's Pacman map and Qwertybeef's campaign prototype. I'm learning a lot from these maps and will use this inspiration to make the official campaign maps even better You can download these maps in the map makers forum, they're grooovy and awesome and might give you some ideas to make a map of your own. The scripting of the guards in this new mode gives creative mappers plenty of options and I'm keen to see what else you guys create, so go create something awesome!

Author:  Asterparity [ Sun 10 Jan 2016, 21:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Stealth speeds by Outbreak in Speedruns!

There were 204 outbreak speedruns? Guess I never gave it any thought... I suppose having a popup for new players to try the campaign was a really good idea. :lol:

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