Windows Download

Geneshift Version 0.995 Windows Installer - 69 MB

This is probably what you want. Simply download, install and play. Easy!


Geneshift Version 0.995 Windows Zip - 75 MB

If you can't install programs on your computer get this instead. Simply extract to a location of your choosing and run Geneshift.exe! If you already have an earlier version of Geneshift on your computer, just extract this over the top of your existing Geneshift folder. It will replace everything it needs to and leave your profile settings and custom maps intact!


Linux Download

Geneshift Version 0.995 Linux Tarball - 78 MB

Download and extract somewhere. Running ./Geneshift will open the client and running ./GeneshiftServer will autostart the dedicated server. If the archive appears corrupted try wget instead. Here are some options you can set for the dedicated server:

-m maxplayers Sets the max number of players.

-p port Sets the port to host the server on.

-h hostname Set your username here to earn community credits while hosting.